Hats enough information for you to absorb for now. There will be lots of other things you may want to know in the coming weeks, if i can help you in any way, pleas ask away. All the best   posts: 299  | location: scotland | registered: 15 november 2004 ip ignored post by fran posted 29 may 2006 01:14 pm show post smiler54 posted 29 may 2006 10:01 pm hide post hi annesorry to hear your news, i too had left tonsil ca which was found last jan. where to buy viagra pattaya Problem was i had the lymph removed 1st then had to have another op to remove tonsil so i didn't end up having the major lymph node surgery that it sounds like you are having. viagra no prescription I think they just pre warning you of any side effects of surgery, as you have alot of nerves & muscles in the neck area. where to buy viagra pattaya I can only comment on having the peg fitted which i also had. This is prep for radiotherapy and is a godsend. viagra canada Try to eat for as long as you can, soft foods like fish and mincemeat type meals, mash potato etc, soft foods that don't iritate the mouth or throat. viagra dangerous drug interactions Your dietician will work out the feeds you need to take for size & current weight and the milkshakes give you all the nutrician you need. viagra generic I personally didn't find not eating a problem but then i had enough fat reserves and really its been the best diet i have been on (well thats my little joke i used to get me through it!! )good luck hope everything goes well for you, everyone on this site are fantastic keep in touch. Take careyvonnex   posts: 22  | location: ashford, middlesex | registered: 07 january 2006 ip ignored post by smiler54 posted 29 may 2006 10:01 pm show post anne w posted 03 june 2006 09:21 am hide post hi yvonne,thanks for your message. Being informed is the best way for me to deal with stuff. I'm being admitted monday so won't be around for a while. viagra without a doctor prescription I'll let you know my experience- good or bad! Keep smilinganne   posts: one hundred sixty-five  | location: sutton coldfield | registered: 22 may 2006 ip ignored post by anne w posted 03 june 2006 09:21 am show post heathrow steve posted 04 june 2006 03:56 pm hide post good luck anne and hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Spk soon   posts: 199  | location: west drayton (heathrow) | registered: 03 february 2004 ip ignored post by heathrow steve posted 04 june 2006 03:56 pm show post melanie posted 05 june 2006 03:33 pm hide post anne... viagra from india online We are all pulling for you! Along with those who are physically there with you during this difficult time... viagra results for women Just remember that we, (the members of this special website) collectively send out our love and support too... cheap generic viagra Which w. viagra samples  

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